VeilMail - the unique features that sets it apart

The integral functionality comes from a unique architecture designed from the ground up with security in mind


No Email Addresses

VeilMail is a closed loop secure email system with no email addresses, eliminating the opportunity for outside party contact.

  • No Addresses - no Spam.
  • No Addresses - no sending messages to the wrong people.
  • No Addresses - no returned mail.

No Local Storage

Messages are not stored locally on a user's machine, neither is it cached on servers outside your control

  • Backups of the user device not required
  • Information available from any device if permitted

No e-mail Server

VeilMail avoids using email servers improving security 

  • Stand alone system
  • No intervention

View Message on Selected Device

A user can select to view it's message on an assigned trusted device only.


Abstract Security Layer

VeilMail runs on an AIC virtual machine (a proprietory development) which itself is an abstract security layer.



Self Managed Nodes

There is no centralized database for storing data - each account manages it's own messages.




VeilMail provides the strongest level of Encryption, one for data storage and another for communication.

Uses 256 Bit AES by default and single use, random keys for all transmissions.


Completely Private

The administrator of the system cannot access/engage in private messages between any two users.


Unique functions in VeilMail sets it from all others

•The rights enforced on a message give the extra protection including restricting devices the user utilises to accessing/view the messages and data.
•Self destruct ensures messages do not linger in cyberspace.
•Message escalation enhances message intelligence.



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