Why VeilMail?

Quite simply because conventional email isn't secure.

Too many organisations have learned the hard way that the cyber world is not secure. How much would it cost your organisation if vital information or intellectual property were to fall into the wrong hands? Millions of dollars? Hundreds of millions? The loss of valuable time? A contract? A client? An election?

As electronic spying and hacking become increasingly sophisticated, companies entrusted with or dealing with confdential information need to be even more vigilant. Even if your IT infrastructure is supossedly secure, how can you be sure of the integrity of the recipient's IT infrastructure (or lack of it)?

VeilMail is the only way you can be sure. It bypasses conventional email systems, providing a practically unpryable, unspyable, unleakable electronic communications system. Quite simply, VeilMail is not email, its guaranteed secure messaging.

VeilMail can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a potential leak.

Six years in development, VeilMail is as sophisticated and secure as electronic messaging can get....

To find out how little it would cost  your company to communicate securely, please  CLICK HERE


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