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At the very core of VeilMail are the philosophies of privacy, confidentiality and security. For this reason our users expect that we treat their use of VeilMail in exactly the same manner.

“Our goals when developing Veilmail were to actually build a system that avoids the "trust us" conundrum" and to being 100% committed to overcoming email security issues" - Greg Roake CEO.

The information you pass through ViewMail is yours, it is secure from all internal and external interception and surveillance. For this reason it is a policy of our company to never disclose details of individuals and companies suing our services. 

For reference we will however post comments that our growing list of clients trialling VeilMail have made to us.

“We have just installed Veilmail for all  communications between team members working on our strategic R and D projects. The ease of install and the intuitive usage meant we were up and running in one morning”. ZAE Director -  Contract Research and Development 

“I have 25 staff who have been using VeilMail for the past 18 months. The sense of security knowing our commercially sensitive projects are protected from on-line scum bags is immense. The support and back up has been first rate.”   PHJ – Sydney - Exporter

 “We have just completed a pilot of VeilMail in the context of a very sensitive merger and acquisition project – delighted with the support and service and pleased to confirm the team’s collaboration on the project remained secure and sensitive. We will be looking to use VeilMail as our standard communications channel for all future M & A projects” - PJP, Senior VP Hardware Manufacturer Seattle

“We are heavily involved in developing trade with China. Our concerns were that sensitive briefing documents between HQ and our team in the PRC were at risk of interception - our initial pilot testing of VeilMail has relieved us of that fear” – ASM, CIO Australian Food Manufacturer/Exporter

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