VeilMail Standard System for up to 20 users

A guaranteed secure, closed loop, peer-to-peer messaging system for up to 20 users. Suitable for small businesses or organisations, research and development departments, law, accountancy or manufacturing firms, or any company requiring a secure channel between management or board members. 


  • Up to 20 concurrent users

  • Total control of all messages by the sender

  • Sender can limit who opens the message or file

  • Sender can stop message being printed, forwarded or deleted

  • Ability to auto delete before a message can be opened or after opening

  • Ability to select ‘message self-destruct’ option

  • Ability to auto delete after a period if the message is not opened
  • Self controlled ability to store all messages or utilise ‘delete means delete'

  • No transmission trail

  • No transmission fail

  • Guaranteed spy-proof, pry-proof and tamper-proof

  • Annual or monthly licencing per individual user

Free installation 

Free Trial of VeilMail Secure Communications System


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