VeilMail One-to-Many - Guaranteed Secure

You have 35 Clients and you want to communicate privately and securely, but have no need for them to communicate with each other.

The VeilMail  "one to many" system is what you need. Each client downloads a user program, receives a welcome message from the principal and can only see the principal in the address bar. Ideal for Banking, Insurance and general finance managers who require privacy for a client base.

A secure, closed loop, peer-to-peer messaging system for multiple recipients. 


  • Large groups of concurrent users

  • Total control of all messages by the sender

  • Sender can stop message being printed, forwarded or deleted

  • Ability to select ‘message self-destruct’ option

  • Ability to auto delete after a period if the message is not opened
  • Self controlled ability to store all messages or utilise delete means delete

  • No transmission trail

  • No transmission fail

  • Guaranteed spy-proof, pry-proof and tamper-proof

  • Annual or monthly licencing per user

Free installation 

Free Trial of VeilMail Secure Communications System


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