Who should use VeilMail?

VeilMail is suitable for any industry where privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. It has immediate application within the following industries:

Secure Email Solution for Research and Development companies

R&D companies and departments

These days, many millions of dollars are poured into research and development and just one leak, deliberate or otherwise, can be enough to blow the lid on an entire project. VeilMail is the guaranteed secure way for any team working on a confidential project to communicate in complete confidence.

Secure Email for Boards and Directors

Management/boards of directors

All too often, those in management need to circulate information that is literally ‘for your eyes only’. Financial information, prospective mergers, company takeovers, staff redundancies: there are many issues that shouldn’t be shared with others in your organisation. Because VeilMail bypasses your IT department completely, sensitive information can only be seen by those who ‘need to know’.

secure email for banking and finance industry

Banking, finance and credit card companies

Banks and finance companies are entrusted with their customers’ most private financial information. VeilMail is ideal for the electronic transfer of that information, as files can’t be tampered with, hacked or misdirected in any way. For the same reasons, VeilMail is also suitable for transmitting confidential credit card details.
Secure email for legal firms and judicary

Law firms

For legal firms, VeilMail is the modern, far more secure equivalent of the DX (Document Exchange). Veilmail provides a secure, electronic messaging link so that lawyers can send privileged information between branches or firms, to clients, or to a third party.

Secure email for Accountants, VeilMail

Accountancy firms 

Accountancy firms can now transfer their clients’ sensitive information and files between staff, branches and directly to clients, safe in the knowledge that the information will not fall into the wrong hands.

secure email for local and central government, veilmail

Local and central government

While transparency of public information is essential in many countries, history is littered with political leaks and sabotage, and the consequences. At the very least, the cost could be a career. At worst, an election or a political alliance. VeilMail lets you share confidential information between trusted parties only.  


secure email for military and armed forces, military strength security veilmail


Nowhere is secrecy more important, or the consequences of a leak more disastrous than in the military. Keep top-secret military information exactly that with VeilMail’s guaranteed secure messaging system.
secure email for pharmaceutical and medical veilmail

Medical & pharmaceutical companies

In these industries, being first to market with a new product or service is everything. Ensure your intellectual property remains intact by ensuring that only those who need to know about it, know about it.

secure email for manufacturing industry and production companies, veilmail


A leak of a new product or service before it’s ready could cost your company millions of dollars in investment. Protect your company’s intellectual property and new product development with VeilMail’s secure communication system.

secure email for music, video and film industry, veilmail

The music and movie industry

When the timely release of a movie or music track can be worth millions, don’t let it be blown by a hacker, the media or a misdirected email. With VeilMail, you are in control of when vital information is released, and to whom.

Other sectors

Certain sectors have specific requirements when information is electronically sent as laid down in the Privacy Act, and the automatic backup of transmitted information can cause legal issues. VeilMail avoids these issues with peer-to-peer transmission.




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