VeilMail - a feature rich Guaranteed secure communications environment for B2B

With VeilMail, you can be assured of the highest degree of transmission security, and an absolute guarantee of delivery to your intended recipient.

Find out for yourself: 

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Absolute security.

VeilMail’s secure messaging system uses multiple layers of functionality, its own routing functions and without the need to pass through the normal mail servers. Hence a level of security not previously available. 

You’re in control. Total control.

Separate menu controls allow the sender to determine the future of the message. Every step of the way. You can recall the message at any time, limit who opens it, stop it being printed, forwarded or deleted, prohibit "cut and paste"and auto delete it when it suits you.

Deploy, delete or destroy. It’s your call.

At any time before, during or after the transmission of a secure message, you can delete it from your end, or pre-set it to self-destruct at a time of your choosing. You can also delete it if not opened after a selected period. 

No transmission trail.

Unlike conventional email, your message cannot be saved on a computer’s hard drive or on a mobile phone, so once you’ve deleted it, your message leaves no trail to trace. What’s more, because VeilMail avoids processing through traditional mail server messages cannot be accessed or backed up for later inspection.

No transmission fail.

Your account connects directly to the recipient with no intermediary. If the message has left the sender, then the recipient will have received it. No email addresses and a closed circuit user list eliminates wrongful delivery.

Delete means delete.

With conventional email, a copy of your message may remain on your hard drive, the recipient’s hard drive, or any numberof mail servers in between where it can be deliberately or inadvertently found. With VeilMail, when you select ‘delete’, it means delete. For good. No trace of your tmessage will remain, anywhere.

Quick and easy to install.

Each user simply installs a user version of VeilMail to their system from a link. This takes less than one minutes. The autnentication server can be housed by VeilMail Ltd on your behalf as SaaS, or alternatively, it can be loaded on to your system for absolute control in-house.

Spam-proof. Hack-proof. Heck, everything proof.

VeilMail allows trusted parties to exchange data and email by way of the internet with complete assurance that transmissions cannot be interfered with, disseminated or accidentally misdirected. Delivery is guaranteed, authenticity is assured, spam, viruses and hacking effectively eliminated. 

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