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The internet privacy horse has bolted

Posted by Greg Roake

18/12/14 09:07

The horse has bolted as far as Internet Privacy goes

You are delusional in believing that encryption on its own is THE answer to internet privacy?

Call me naive but I think that the horse seemed to have bolted some time ago and all of this encryption activity we are seeing is just window dressing and feel good fluff!.

The Wiki Leaks put paid to the belief that the internet was private.  Slowly since those early revelations we have seen a growing move to utilise encryption technology to protect our data and email communications from prying eyes on both sides of the fence. 

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Looking for solutions for overcoming internet intervention in China?

Posted by Greg Roake

01/10/14 11:11

Is your business with China being effected by unreliable internet connection?

The New York Times reports that “China’s Communist government has tightened its control over the Internet so much recently that businesses, researchers and ordinary people are finding it hard to complete basic and innocuous tasks, like placing ads on websites, sharing documents and reading technical documents. (Read the complete article here)

Official Beijing Internet Intervention Not Unusual

As the New York Times reports “government censorship has been a fact of life in China for many years

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Irony - Search engines looking for spy-free email solution

Posted by Greg Roake

24/09/14 13:25

WSJ reported recently that Yahoo are to join Google to create spy-free email systems

(Reuters) - Yahoo Inc said it will join Google Inc to create a secure email system by next year that could make it nearly impossible for hackers or government officials to read users' messages, The Wall Street Journal reported. Read the full story here 

Nearly, in our view, is not enough! It's either secure or it's not.

The irony is that a simple search using their own technology will reveal that New Zealand based Turner Technologies has recently released a totally secure communications email system - VeilMail, designed for users who have email privacy issues - read more here 

Try these searching these key words:

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Topics: Privacy Issues, Privacy Opinions, Business WISE

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