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The Information Security Check List for the Board or CEO

Posted by Greg Roake

03/03/15 06:52

Warning: ignoring data security can seriously undermine your financial position

Information security issues are a Board's responsibility

The average number of days a hacker has access to your network before being discovered is estimated at 267 days (A1). As a senior officer of the company you need to appreciate that the hacker is generally not there to disrupt, but rather is fishing for key information going in and out that could be financially rewarding to them.

Any financial reward they gain will be a loss to your shareholders, customers and business partners. The Sony attack is still very fresh in everyone’s mind, but seriously there are so many instances of hackers profiting from poorly protected corporate systems one wonders just what is discussed around the board table on "how are we placed when it comes to the risk of being hacked?".

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Topics: information security issues, Cyber threats are a board responsibility

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