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Looking for solutions for overcoming internet intervention in China?

Posted by Greg Roake

01/10/14 11:11

Is your business with China being effected by unreliable internet connection?

The New York Times reports that “China’s Communist government has tightened its control over the Internet so much recently that businesses, researchers and ordinary people are finding it hard to complete basic and innocuous tasks, like placing ads on websites, sharing documents and reading technical documents. (Read the complete article here)Great_Wall_of_China

Official Beijing Internet Intervention Not Unusual

As the New York Times reports “government censorship has been a fact of life in China for many years

But the country has imposed even more burdensome controls on the Internet in recent months by blocking online libraries, text messaging applications and cloud computing services, including those provided by American companies like Google.”

If you operate a VPN then you will have experienced trouble with staff trying to access the system – why? Beijing has been sending Spoof Reset Packages (“SRP’s”) with outgoing traffic. Be in no doubt it’s the Great Firewall of China is causing every connection to fail so that you are continually re-connecting to your network without success.

On top of SRP’s, the Authorities used to limit the number of searches available to internet uses using English in Google. This limit has been now set at zero. (Read more)

VeilMail - Solutions for Overcoming Internet Intervention

As the Beijing authorities continue to restrict the reach of the internet, users everywhere are seeking new ways to establish closed loop secure communications with China to overcome the commercial disruption these restrictions cause.

Recently released Veilmail has been specifically designed for overcoming Internet intervention and providing secure B2B communications. VeilMail provides metadata free transmissions that are untraceable, piercing the Great Firewall of China with ease.

One Veilmail user who exports extensively to China advised that prior to changing to the VeilMail his buyers in Southern China would change email addresses every 10 days to continually beat the system of denial of service for overseas emails. Not any longer.

If you are having issues with establishing reliable and secure B2B communications with China or anywhere check out Veilmail or request a personal appointment at info@veilmail.co.

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