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Irony - Search engines looking for spy-free email solution

Posted by Greg Roake

24/09/14 13:25

WSJ reported recently that Yahoo are to join Google to create spy-free email systems

(Reuters) - Yahoo Inc said it will join Google Inc to create a secure email system by next year that could make it nearly impossible for hackers or government officials to read users' messages, The Wall Street Journal reported. Read the full story here 


Nearly, in our view, is not enough! It's either secure or it's not.

The irony is that a simple search using their own technology will reveal that New Zealand based Turner Technologies has recently released a totally secure communications email system - VeilMail, designed for users who have email privacy issues - read more here 

Try these searching these key words:

  • B2B feature rich secure communications environment
  • Secure, business-to-business email
  • Spy-free email solution
  • Fully secure, closed loop, peer-to-peer messaging system

So what features does a spy-free email solution need

 1. Encryption

A must you would think?

Well not really, given that the ISP must have the key and the law requires them to pass that key over with the messages they are seeking to obtain – Encryption is an added frill but not a solution by itself.

 2. An Email Address

Surely a given – not really.  Having NO email addresses is essential.  A truly closed loop secure, spy-free email system with no email addresses, eliminates the opportunity for outside party contact. After all:

  • No Addresses - no spam.
  • No Addresses - no sending messages to the wrong people.
  • No Addresses - no returned mail.

3. SMTP Server (or any other standard such as IMAP or POP3)

Avoiding traditional email standards such as SMTP server, IMAP or POP3 creates a genuine stand-alone system and that goes a long way to eliminating intervention

4. No Email Hosting Service

If the sole purpose of the hosting service is authentication and key exchange management and definitely NOT offering storage of users’ email on their servers then you are starting to get a spy-free email system. So a must have is User Managed storage

 6. Self-Managed Nodes

If there is there no centralized database for storing data because each account manages it's own messages then what can an agency ask the ISP to provide?

7. Completely Private

In a truely private email system the administrator of the system would not be able to access/engage with private messages between any two users.

8. No Local Storage

Mail would not be stored locally on a user's machine, neither would it be cached.

  • Backups of the user device would not be required
  • Data and mail is available from any device if the sender allows this function. It can be restricted to specific computers or mobile devices by the sender


9. Other functions

  • Ability to enforce rights on a message to extra protection including restricting devices the user utilises to accessing/view the messages and data
  • Self-destruct capability to ensure messages do not linger in cyberspace
  • Message escalation to enhance message intelligence

And for you technically inclined

  • Individual Node encapsulation of data separate from any other user.
  • A platform architecture to enable nodes to communicate with each other in encrypted mode
  • Transmission in SETS where each end of the communication channel is required to know how to construct and deconstruct the set
  • Each Account (user) control over when to send and receive its messages, how to react to each message’s properties and how to restrict permissions with respect to the assigned permissions.

Watch the video of how VeilMail has been designed and then please feel free to take VeilMail for a test drive.

 Test Drive VeilMail  for Free CLICK HERE    

How concerned are people really about email privacy? Share your views.




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