1. Lawful Interception

Q.   How does VeilMail deal with Government rights of Lawful Interception?

A.   Legislation exists world wide for Lawful Interception and the requirements of Network operators to provide Interception capability. VeilMail is controlled and operated by the user and they are not Network Operators and as such the law does not apply to this type of software or communications.

2. Encryption Standards and the USA

Q.   VeilMail uses 256 bit encryption but isn’t this is banned from Sale in the US?

A.   Yes, products with 256 bit encryption are banned from being sold within the US, but it is not illegal to sell to the US from other countries. Should USA users wish to purchase from a US reseller then the product provided will be 128 bit encryption to meet local law.

3. Legal Requirements to maintain copies of all mail traffic.

Q.   In my Industry and State it is a legal requirement to keep copies of all mail. How can this be done?

A.   When VeilMail is set up you can elect in the administration function to allow users to delete or never delete mail from the database. Simply select the Never delete for all users and mail will remain permanently archived.

Q) Can VeilMail be installed onto any system eg Microsoft, Mac etc?
A) Yes, VeilMail can be installed on all popular desktop and server Operating Systems, this includes Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or newer and any Linux or UNIX distribution with a version 7 or later Oracle or OpenJDK Runtime Environment.

Q) How much space does VeilMail require on the server?
A) A base install of the VeilMail server application, before any accounts are added, uses as little as 7MB of hard drive space and a maximum 150MB of RAM. Because of the unique archetecture of VeilMail each additional account requires a minimum 2MB of disk space and a maximum of 60MB of RAM (for each active account.). A 100 user system with all users communicating at the same time would therefore require a minimum of 6.2GB of free RAM to avoid memory swapping and remain reponsive. In practice it will be extremely unlikely that this limit will ever be reached. Disk space requirements increase as messages are sent and received.

Q) How much data can VeilMail hold?
A) VeilMail can hold as much data as you have free disk space on your server.

Q) Are attachments in VeilMail also stored encrypted?
A) Yes. All data is encrypted. In addition, the VeilMail desktop application includes a file viewer which enables supported file types (currently PDF but more to follow) to be viewed without having to download and store them outside of the protected environment.

Q) If I forget my password can I reset a new one?
A) No. Your password is used in the first stage of a 2 stage decryption process.You may change your password as often as you like (by providing your existing password and a new password) but if you forget your password your encryption key will not be able to be retrieved and you will lose access to your account. In short, passwords cannot be reset because no-one has access to your encryption key without your password.


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