About us

Six years in the development, VeilMail is poised to revolutionise the future of secure, business-to-business messaging. 

VeilMail has been developed for VeilMail Limited, a group of private investors and tech experts, headed by New Zealand businessman, Andrew Turner. Fully aware of the potential of such a breakthrough product, the company’s sole focus has been to develop a completely secure, closed loop messaging system.

Over the course of six years, our dedicated team of developers has taken VeilMail from the initial idea, to beta version, to a commercially available product that has exceeded even our initial expectations.

As with other notable breakthroughs in technology, new user applications for VeilMail are being discovered all the time, including both computer and mobile-based applications.

We are extremely proud to have developed this revolutionary communications system and we invite you to trial the VeilMail system for yourself.  In complete confidence, of course.

Free Trial of VeilMail Secure Communications System


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