The Team

Andrew Turner

Andrew is an entrepreneur who initially foresaw the commercial need for an improved private and secure electronic messaging system. He has organised and funded an investor base which has enabled Turner Technologies Limited to develop VeilMail and bring it to market. He has a wealth of experience in investment and start up roles and is chairman of the Board.

Greg Roake
CEO - Director

Greg trained as a Chartered Accountant and operated his own practice in Auckland for 20 years until selling out. He now heads Turner Technologies as CEO attending to the planning, administration and forward strategies of the company and overseeing the marketing development of VeilMail to the world market. 

Simon Hall
Sales Director

Simon comes to Turner Technologies with 15 years experience in International sales and channel development. He is tasked with forging local and international partnerships to spread the VeilMail message to Corporates who need the best data protection available.

Giancarlo (Jack) Abba
Sales Director - The Americas and Europe

Jack is based in Mexico and leads our push into America and Europe. His experience in forging relationships with key companies, organisations and Government personnel has generated significant interest in the use of VeilMail.

Mike Oughton
Direct Sales Manager

Mike is based in Auckland and leads our service to direct access customers. His experience in sales across multiple industries over the last 30 years makes him well qualitfied to be part of our team.

Mattia Barbera
European Sales Executive

Mattia has been appointed a sales distribution executive and is marketing direct to companies and organisations in Europe. He comes to us with an IT background and full understanding of VeilMail's application to specific industries requiring security in delivery and storage of key data. He has experience in supply channel partnerships and the ability to negotiate and deliver these as required.

Simon Morgan
Senior Developer

Simon hails from the UK and has been a commercial software developer since 1997. He joined the team in 2011 after a tour of New Zealand and was encouraged to stay by both Turner Technologies and his parter Jacqui whom he met in Auckland. Simon brings 18 years experience of commercial, government and military software development to the team and has pushed the growth of VeilMail from a working prototype into a commercially viable product.

Ngohong Van (Hong)
Java Team Lead

Hong has been with the company since its inception and has extensive knowledge of the unique platform architecture. He has been involved in every step of the development process for the AIC platform from the very beginning and currently heads the Java development team.

Iqbal (Lucky) Singh
Java Developer

Iqbal has been with Turner Technologies since 2010 and has played a pivotal role in the creation of VeilMail's unique data storage layer. In addition to writing Java code Iqbal also provides technical support and looks after the testing, bug detection and monitoring aspects of the code.


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