• Secure B2B messaging for Internet Privacy

    Closed Loop Communications

    Only those invited into your loop can communicate with you. Thus we eliminate 80% of  normal email issues. NO Phishing, NO Spam, NO Whaling, NO Malware, NO Ransom ware NO staff errors sending sensitive information to random email addresses - infact  we don't use email addresses. 

  • Secure B2B Messaging from VeilMail

    VeilMail Communications Introduces

    VeilMail now incorporates IM, Audio, Audio/Visual as well as email with end to end encryption.Check it out with the free trial. Read the report  

  • B2B Secure Messaging From VelMail

    Guaranteed security of your information

    There is growing pressure in the market place for CEO's to take responsibilty for Information Security. VeilMail does more than just protect your information in transit, be it emails or attachments, it also guarantees the security of this data whilst it is saved for future use. Cyber Research independently confirms that access is impossible without the required authorisation.  Read the report   

  • Privacy Matters

Total privacy
Total control


With VeilMail, the control of your private information remains in the safest hands of all – yours. You control who receives, reads or deletes your confidential message or files. Not only that, you can recall a message, stop it being printed or forwarded, delete it, or set it to self-destruct with predefined time interval.

Even more importantly, because your message cannot be saved on any user hard drive, you can ensure that, if necessary, your message can vanish without a trace. (more) 

Non Traceable VIDEO  or AUDIO


Independent tests by leading penetration and security specialists, Cyber Research, showed it was not possible to bypass VeilMail's authentication controls despite being given unresricted access to the host platform.

Cyber Research's Steve Byrne commented in his team's report "It is clear that VeilMail has been built from the ground up to be the most secure messaging platform on the market today"

Read full report here

Highest level of integrity available


VeilMail is a secure, point-to-point communications applications whether it is email, file sharing, audio, video or instant messaging. It not only supersedes conventional email, it also bypasses conventional mail servers – providing closed-loop, private messaging between two or more parties.

While other ‘private’ communications systems offer a degree of security, only VeilMail offers the highest level of integrity available today for private communications links, thus delivering secure messaging and storage of data at rest. (more)


VeilMail Voice and Video Calling, Instant Messaging and encrypted file sharing.

VeilMail Communications enables the transfer of information by electronic mail, facilitates encrypted data storage and file-sharing, provides instant messaging, voice calling and video calling at an ultra secure level.

Traditionally Encrypted email, Encrypted Drop-box file sharing and Secure Audio/Visual Calling have been stand alone products. VeilMail Communications combines them all into the one software package.

VeilMail is

spy proof, pry proof, leak proof and tamper proof

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The cost of a leak is high. The cost of VeilMail is surprisingly low.

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Absolute information security.

VeilMail has developed a secure database storage facility for mail and attached files to a level that has not ever been commercially available before.

The company has so much faith in the security, that VeilMail Limited gives customers an undertaking that all data stored and transmitted using the VeilMail product is unavailable to all, but authorised recipients.

Should any person or organisation purchasing the VeilMail product suffer a loss of data from internal or external tampering, then VeilMail will fund any cost by way of damages sustained. (Read More).